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How does a Rear Axle Work
A rear axle allows a vehicle to control its back wheels. There are two different axles; the rear axle controls the rear differential strength in the wheels at the back of the vehicle. The rear axle basically transfers strength from the rear differential to the driving wheels.There is more than one joint present in a rear axle joint for elasticity purposes.

Functions of the Rear Axle
The rear axle has three main functions. First, it receives power from the engine and directs it to the wheels. It also provides the low gear for the vehicle. Finally, it allows the wheels to drive at various speeds when cornering without losing control.

The transfer of power from the engine to the wheels and the assignment of driving in lower gears are carried out  by the crown of the wheel and the pinion.There are three types of crown wheels and pinions; the are the straight bevel, the spiral bevel and the hypoid bevel.  The straight bevel is very effective. With the spiral bevel, the pinion is located towards the center of the overrun.The hypoid is the most popular  of the bevels.  The hypoid bevel generally yields a lower shaft and lower height in the  tunnel. It is usually offset to a width of 1/5. The straight bevel tends to be a bit noisy.This can always be reduced through the use of the spiral bevel. Special lubricating oils are generally used on the surfaces.

Rear Axle Supports Weight
The rear axle is part of the support system for  the weight of the vehicle. It is also used to move the vehicle forward. In a lot of modern day vehiclea, the rear axle is a part of ther drive train. The axle spins freely in the axle housing. In most cases the axle stabilzes the vehicle; it has a direct connection with the vehicle's steering. At times, a vehicle can have more than one rear axle.If there is more than one rear axle, this means that the vehicle has more than 4 wheels.The rear axle lifts some of the strain of supporting the vehicle from the drive axle and places it on a dead axle if one is present on the vehicle.

The rear axle is located at the back of the vehicle and is not always used as part of the drive system. Sometimes the rear axle also includes bearings. These bearings are called axle shafts and they initiates free movement in the drive system.The bearings are located at either end of the axle depending of the design of the axle. Rear axles are very complex mechanisms, and they are very important to the movements of vehicles.