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Rear axles
Rear axles are a very important component of your vehicle. They enable the back wheels of your car to move forward and also place the strength of your rear differential in your back wheels. When your rear axle breaks, it is time to purchase a new one, and purchasing a less than high quality axle will leave you visiting your mechanic more than you really want to. As such, here are some important things that you need to look for when purchasing a new axle.

Know the particulars of your car
First of all you need to identify the right year, make and model of the axle you wish to purchase. Having this information at hand, is a good way to start, as this will allow the right part to be matched with your vehicle. This information can be gathered from your vehicle identification number (VIN), which is often located on the driver side interior dash, in front of your engine block, or stamped on the front end of the frame. If it is not found in these locations, then you can find it on your title or insurance records.

Shop around
You must purchase your axle from a reputable auto part company which is trusted by consumers all around, as this ensures the best possible quality. If you wish to shop online, there are several websites you can visit and these sites will also be able to help you search state by state so that you will be able to find competitive prices. In other words, take as much time as you need to shop around as this ultimately will mean that you get the best quality for your money, and this is important if you are shopping on a budget.

Parts found in junkyards are often pulled from cars that have been stolen or involved in accidents, so it is very possible that good quality parts can be found in such locations. These parts very often, were built with higher standards. It is therefore helpful to visit junkyards in your area to see if they have anything that matches your need.  Many junkyards are now becoming computerized so you do not have to walk around to find what you want, they can simply do a computer search to see if they have what you need in stock and if they do not have  what you need, chances are, they can source it for you.

Every part has an interchange number, which means that some parts can interchange with other models, as they are the same exact part, this means that the same model, although having different manufacture dates, very often uses the same part. It is therefore very helpful to bear this in mind when purchasing a rear axle, or any other part for your vehicle.

It cannot be stressed enough that shopping around is the only way to ensure that you get the best quality of anything you wish to purchase and at the best prices.